Narrative Essay

A narrative essay tells a story as viewed by the writer. As a rule, there are characters, a plot and a place or setting. Often times a narrative will reflect a particular incident that the author of the essay has experienced. The narrative essay is the perfect place to convey to the reader how the author feels and how he viewed the events that have taken place.

Normally the thesis statement of a narrative essay will describe a plot or idea that will catch the reader’s attention and persuade him to read the rest of the narrative. This type of essay contains no true restrictions as it is subject only to the thoughts and feelings of the author.

Sometimes a narrative essay is merely a way of telling the audience about a book that has been read. Again, this is written in hopes of enticing the reader into reading the book after reading the essay.

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In school, teachers often ask the students to write a narrative essay about specific events that have taken place over the summer or over another period of time. The teacher might even ask the student to write about different feelings and thoughts the student might have about the things that are important to the student. An example of this might be writing about the student’s best friend, the most important individual in the student’s life, an incident that made impact on the student, or a mistake from which the student learned a life’s lesson.

The main point of writing a narrative essay is trying to recreate an experience for the reader. When preparing to write a narrative essay, be certain to formulate ideas by making an outline of vibrant details and imagery that will bring the reader into the story. Lure the reader into the story by creating an effective and interesting introduction paragraph. If you want the reader to learn something from a mistake that has been made, or a goal that has been accomplished, make the introduction so tasty that the reader has to keep reading to find out what the story ended with.

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Narrative essays are written just like any other type of essay. There have to be a topic and theme developed and expanded upon in a good outline. The essay will need to have an introductory paragraph, a body that fleshes out the story and a conclusion paragraph to tie the parts together and leave the reader with an understanding of meaning of the story or narrative. The fun thing about writing a narrative essay is that it can be written about anything that conveys feeling of sorrow, joy, excitement or anticipation. It shares with the reader the writer’s concept of any twist or turn that has had an impact on life of the writer. Of all the kinds of essays to write, the narrative essay is the most enjoyable and has endless opportunities for sharing personal events. Testimonials

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