Essay about Happiness

Essay about Happiness

It goes without saying that most people strive to be happy. At the same time, many people find it overwhelmingly to achieve happiness. In most cases, it stamps from the fact that that they do not perceive happiness as something natural. Luckily, there are multiple strategies that can help people to find happiness. The most important thing is that people should perceive happiness as their number one priority, to find the strength to be grateful for the life they have even if the world seems to be crashing down. Happiness is also highly dependent on people in one's life, the job they do, and the activities they undertake.

The fundamental thing about happiness is that it cannot just happen. Happiness should be created, discovered or built from scratch. Of course, it can only be achieved when people set their minds to feel happiness and believe that they will be happy no matter what. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have an incorruptible faith in one's personal happiness even if one's fate thinks otherwise. Life can destroy people's happiness by giving seemingly endless challenges, misfortunes and disappointments. But even then, one should not give up on their happiness since it inevitably comes to those who can wait for it and thus, deserve it.

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Having gratitude means being gracious for what people have. Additionally, it means being ready to perform acts of kindness to show appreciation for other people. It often happens that people get excessively preoccupied with negative things like settling bills, dealing with money shortages or health issues which dampen people's spirits even more. Instead, it would be more prudent to concentrate on all the good things they have: being alive, having dear people by their side, having an aim and possessing sufficient determination to fulfill it, having the ability to eat, pray, love, etc. Irrespective of the circumstances, genuinely happy people are always grateful for all the things they have.

In this increasingly unstable and perplexing world, people are so lonely that they cannot see how toxic their relationships are. Surprisingly enough, negative arrogant, and unreliable friends can cause a lot of troubles and commotion by just being around. Thus, people should strive to build healthy and happy relationships with people who really deserve it. When it comes to choosing people for life, it is vital to be picky, attentive, and even skeptical. All humans need caring and sympathetic soul mates by their side whom they can pour their soul out in times of troubles. Unfortunately, not all people have good intentions and some of them just want to profit from other people's kindness.

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The activities people undertake and the job they do also affect their happiness. Statistically speaking, most people spend at least 40 hours at work weekly which adds up to 160 hours a month, and roughly 2,000 hours a year. From this, we can conclude that one should be especially careful when it comes to embarking on a certain career or profession. That is because a fulfilling job can afford a huge deal of happiness. However, if the job does not correspond to one's aims and desires, if it makes one angry and utterly discontent, then one should find a new job that would not hinder a person from being happy.

To sum it up, happiness is absolutely attainable if people do their best to create it. Sometimes, in order to be happy, one does not really need much. The recipe for long-lasting happiness is to take each day as it comes, to be grateful for everything one has and approach life optimistically. Testimonials

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