Film Review Sample

Film Review Sample

The Main Idea of the Movie Hotel Rwanda

The film “Hotel Rwanda” is based on real events so be prepared to learn the shocking details about the events of 1994. This is the case when more than a thousand people depended on the courage of one person who was able to cross over his fear, surrounding everyone with care. This motion picture is rather contrasting because in the beginning you can see a paradise. Against the backdrop of poverty, sloth, and devastation, the viewer will see a wonderful hotel. This film presents the insidiousness of the tourist business when the whole country works for foreigners to earn pennies to afford food. The main topic is a conflict between two ethnic communities in Rwanda in the summer of 1994. The film is strong. This movie is also about good and harmonious relationships in the family. It shows the true features of the peacekeeping mission in Rwanda. You can find a lot of cruelty, despair, helplessness, pressure, violence, desire for profit, looting, and murder in this film. In general, the contrast is a strong side of this film. Learn the main characters of this amazing movie.

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Characters of Hotel Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina

Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) is the manager of the prestigious hotel. He is Hutu, his wife is Tutsi, and when the massacres of Tutsi began in the country, Paul managed, through bribery and flattery, not only to save the family and some refugees but also to hide in his hotel more than a thousand people. The hotel is the only safe place in Rwanda, but of course, there are problems. Firstly, it was constantly called on the radio for the murder of Tutsi, women, especially children, to save the genus and they say that all the traitors will be brutally executed, and representatives of both sides were gathered in the hotel. This point is not particularly shown in the film, but some tension between people can be felt. Refugees constantly came with the request to hide them from all parts of the country, Paul does not throw people to the mercy of fate. Paul has to resort to blackmail, various tricks, and flattery, as soon as possible, to get some kind of help. As a result, it was possible only to withdraw all citizens of other countries and to obtain permission for the export of some families by peacekeepers.

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Colonel Oliver

The only person, who did not give up Paul, despite the orders, was a peacekeeper, Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte). This character was based on a real person, Romeo Dallaire, a UN-lieutenant who tried to intervene in what was happening in Rwanda despite direct orders from his superiors. He was the main character of the other documentary “Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire,” presented in 2004. Why are people so cruel? This question does not have a clear answer. However, if there is at least one person, like Paul Rusesabagina, humanity has a chance. Watch the movie “Hotel Rwanda” when you are ready to learn the truth about the thousands of lost lives.

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