Managerial Accounting Essay Papers

Accounting research paper or essay is a unique type of academic writing that relates to the issues of measuring, providing assurance, and disclosing accounting information to external parties. Managerial accounting refers to the information and decisions made by investors, managers, and tax authorities and that affect greatly the quality and profitability of organizations. These are the decisions and actions that mainly touch resource allocation processes in organizations, business, public entities, and companies.

These are the topics and subtopics for Essays on Accounting you can always order from us:


  • Accounting concepts
  • Accounting conventions
  • Accounting: qualifications and regulations
  • Accounting standard setting bodies
  • Accounting market size
  • Accounting/ accountancy methods and areas
  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting standards
  • Accounting topics
  • Auditing
  • Auditing standards and standard setting organizations/ bodies
  • Bodies and organizations
  • Early history of accounting
  • Government agencies
  • History of accounting
  • Luca Pacioli and the origins of modern accounting
  • Modern accounting
  • Modern accountancy
  • Oversight boards
  • Post-Pacioli stage of accounting development
  • Professional accounting organizations
  • The biggest accounting firms
  • United Kingdom accounting

Managerial accounting essay and research papers represent one of the most interesting types of academic writing that covers, discusses, evaluates and criticizes the basic provisions of accounting policies and decisions and provides practical recommendations to manage accounting information more effectively. These essays and research papers provide managers with practical support and assistance to make informed business decisions and equip them with greater control and understanding of the accounting resources available to firms.

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 These are the accounting essay samples you can get from us:


  • How the return on investments can be calculated
  • How the cost of capital among firms can be determined


The most popular accounting and management essay topics written by our writers include:

  • Loss
  •  KPMG research paper
  •  E-accounting
  •  Accounting software
  •  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  •  OBERAC definition and description
  • Essay on Financial audit
  • Liability and accounting
  • What is Ledger
  • Annual report Research paper
  • The most popular auditors
  • Accounting in construction
  • Statement of Retained Earnings Essay
  • Job costing
  • Assurance services
  • Essays on balance sheets
  • Preferred stock term paper
  • Audit essays and research papers
  • Accounting reform
  • Throughput accounting research paper
  • EBIT
  • Internal audit paper
  • General ledger what it is
  • Negative assurance term paper
  • Security
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • Accrual basis accounting research paper
  • Expense
  • Notes to the Financial Statements essay topics
  • The biggest auditing firms
  • Fixed assets Essay
  • Accounting scandals
  • Earnings per share
  • Online Accounting paper
  • Profit and loss account
  • Accounting information systems
  • Cash-basis accounting Research paper
  • Accounting Journal standards
  •  EBITDA Essay
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Project accounting
  • International accounting standards research
  • International Financial Reporting Standards research paper
  • Bookkeeping research paper
  • Intangible asset research paper
  • Goodwill paper
  • Common stock
  • Double-entry bookkeeping systems term paper
  • Price earnings ratio definition paper
  • Trade credit paper and term paper
  • Operating expenses paper
  • Investment research paper
  • Research paper on diluted earnings per share
  • Chartered Accountant Essay
  • Asset essay/ research paper
  • Management Assertions and principles
  • Essay on dividends
  • Pro-forma amount
  • Carrying value
  • Certified general accountant research paper and essay Certified Public Accountant
  • Amortization
  • International Accounting Standards term paper
  • International Accounting Standards
  • Research paper on Arthur Andersen
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • Income paper
  • Management accounting
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
  • Long-term asset essay and term paper
  • Depreciation Research paper
  • Accepted accounting principles in the UK research paper
  • Trial balance and treasury stock
  • Credit research and essay paper
  • Capital cost research
  • Luca Pacioli essay paper
  • Ownership equity decision-making and paper
  • Debt research paper Deficit
  • International Accounting Standards Board
  • Net income term paper
  • Normal account
  • Interest paper
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Matching principle term paper
  • Financial statements
  • Inventory paper
  • Book value
  • Credit note
  • Sunk cost description paper
  • Current asset
  • Comprehensive income research paper and essay
  • Forensic accounting
  • Revenue essay
  • Financial accountancy
  • Governmental Accounting and standards research
  • Equivalent Annual Cost Research paper
  • Debit
  • Bonds
  • Cost accounting
  • Gain research paper and essay
  • Intangible asset term paper
  • Fraud deterrence research
  • Financial reports
  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Engagement Letter
  • Fixed assets management
  • Goods accounting research
  • Payroll
  • Production accounting term paper and essay
  • Debit note
  • Accounts payable
  • Long-term liabilities research paper
  • Chart of accounts
  • Invoices
  • Income and accountancy
  • Positive assurance narrative paper
  • Annuity
  • Spreadsheet
  • Shareholders' equity definition essay
  • Equity
  • Stock option
  • Retained earnings
  • Research paper on Ernst & Young
  • Accepted accounting principles in the United States
  • Income statement
  • Petty cash papers and topics
  • Stock research paper topics and essays
  • Accounts receivable
  • Shareholder description essay
  • Free cash flow
  • Treasury stock how to define?
  • Mortgage loans and accounting implications
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers research paper Testimonials

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