How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

Analytical exploration of the text reveals the information load of the article and its semantic content. This kind of research is used to determine the authors' professional level, the originality of the ideological report to the reader, the style of writing, and the peculiarities of the presentation in the article.

Informational Research

If you want to analyze the article of a particular author professionally, first, you need to be guided by certain items of the analysis of the material. The article should be read very attentively. Informational research begins with the correspondence of the material to the title. It is required to analyze how complete the article is, as well as the style of writing and the sequence of presentation of the material.

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After reading the material several times, you can begin to study the article. First, select the output data and only then go to the first stage (determine how much the title corresponds to the article). This is the main problem of our time when the authors want to attract the reader with a vivid heading, and the material of this topic is not revealed or it sounds superficially. This important fact should be indicated in your reaction paper.

Informative Analysis

The second stage of the analysis is the scale of the informational content of the written material. It should contain concrete facts, interviews, and several expert opinions. An important factor is the fact how concisely the author expresses his or her thoughts. All topics should be disclosed consistently with the logical conclusion of each of them. Having reviewed these important points according to the criteria mentioned above, it is necessary to determine whether the topic is fully covered. This is a difficult part of the critical analysis, as it happens that the author does not disclose everything to the end purposefully, leaving the raised question open in order to make the reader think and analyze it. The task of such materials is not to disclose and not to analyze the issues being described in full, thus, interesting the readers, providing an opportunity to draw a conclusion for themselves. If you study such an article, you need to mention this fact in your reaction paper.

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Reaction Paper Writing Tips

Select the main line and its scientific presentation from the whole paper. In the process of such analysis, the arguments are deployed, the basis of which should be the author's research. When it occurs, the layering of a certain information base and personal conclusions are made by experimental analysis. In order to be creative, pay attention to the aesthetic features of the article language. Analyze whether the author uses metaphors, comparisons, and epithets correctly. Explore how much the quotes fit into the context of the material and how informative they display the topic. You should also check the literature sources that the author has indicated in the bibliography. If the text contains statistical data, you should check whether they are reliable. Testimonials

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