Tips for a Novice Writer

Tips for a Novice Writer

Whether writing for you is a piece of cake or the most strenuous task, which requires tremendous efforts and an unknown amount of hours, days or even years, we will make you start enjoying this activity at any cost. In case you feel like doing anything else except writing essays, there is definitely something that went wrong. The following article is going to fix this gap and let you feel less like in the jungle and be more in your element while writing a paper.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that success of your work depends on your attitude towards the process itself. The way you treat your task, the way you back your inspiration by focusing on the result and supplying your level of motivation with the desire to improve, get better and paying attention to the smallest details really matters. It is impossible to say that writing neither easy nor difficult. However, it requires hard work and a lot of practice.

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There are numbers of various reasons that may cause a trouble even before we put the writing process in action and prevent us from writing well. For example, a lack or an excess of a person’s level of imagination, insufficient information background, poor education, uninteresting topic, a heavy workload and etc. The good news is that all these weak points can be turned into strong ones and all the drawbacks can become advantages. The bad news is that all these points can be obtained and mastered only through persistent work and implementation of your skills and abilities in practice. Moreover, people who can write well are in most cases good at public speaking, conducting business, solving problems peacefully, exerting influence on others and etc., which means that mastering one skill, you acquire a lot more in addition.

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If you are a newbie writer and are looking for the means of improvement, growth, and development in this particular field, turn your attention to the following useful recommendations for beginners.

  • Always keep an eye on the structure of your essay, which should consist of three obligatory parts called the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. It doesn’t mean that your essay should have three paragraphs only, but include a part, which gets the reader acquainted with your topic and opinion expressed in a thesis statement; a part where you support, disagree, compare, analyze, evaluate the suggestions, facts, information represented in the first part (the main body may consist of 3 and more paragraphs); a part in which you summarize all the ideas discussed before;
  • Each thought, new idea, specific statement or fact should be discussed within a separate paragraph. Such approach makes your essay consistent and easy to follow and understand for the reader;
  • Always back up your claims with examples from the real life, statistics and references to the respective sources. However, avoid turning your original essay into a retelling.
  • Never miss a proofreading stage of the writing process. It is a chance to correct all the possible mistakes and improve the structure, style, grammar and vocabulary of your essay.

Arm yourself with patience and good luck in all your future endeavors as a novice essays’ writer. Testimonials

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