How Private School Prepares You for College

How Private School Prepares You for College

When young people apply to a private school, they have an ultimate goal of getting into a prestigious college. But how can a private school be able to prepare an ordinary student for college?

Private Schools Provide Exceptional Academics

According to the recent research, students who studied both at boarding schools and private ones were prepared for college better both in academic and non-academic fields than those who attended only public schools. Additionally, students who were going to private school had more chances to get advanced degrees. Boarding school students had the highest percentage of the advanced degrees. This is because private schools help young people develop love of learning; therefore, they have a desire to continue their studying after high school and college.

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Private Schools Have Highly Qualified Teachers

Boarding school students usually say that their teachers are high-quality, unlike those students who attend public schools. At private schools, teachers are so much more than just ordinary ones. Usually, they are also coaches, advisors, dorm parents and support systems. Private school teachers usually have advanced degrees in their subject areas and also have vast professional backgrounds in subjects that they teach. For example, in private and boarding schools students are taught physics by actual engineers and are coached by former professional players. Boarding school and private school students often keep in touch with their professors long after graduation.

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Private Schools Are Rigorous

You can often hear a boarding school graduate come back to a freshman college year saying it was easier than school. Such schools are always rigorous and demand much of students. As a result, students improve their time management skills and work ethics. Besides, in private schools, every student usually takes part in several sports or extracurricular activities. Due to such a tense schedule, students develop strong studying/life balance skills and become more prepared for adult life.

Private School Students Are More Independent

Students who are studying at boarding schools get a great preview of college life. This is because they live in dorms, not with their parents at home. For this reason, they learn to live an independent life, but in more supportive and easier environment than there is at college. Mentors at private schools play important part in students’ lives; they provide guidance and encourage independence as students learn to live on their own. From cleanliness and laundry to getting up early and managing time on studies and socialization, boarding schools challenge students to make responsible decisions.

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Private Schools Are Diverse

As a rule, private and boarding schools provide more diversity than public ones, as they enroll students from different cities and even countries from all over the world, not just from one town. Like in colleges and universities, diverse environments in such schools provide rich and exciting experiences as young people can meet and learn new cultures and worldviews. Such different and rich perspectives on everything that happens in the world can strengthen the academic classroom and significantly expand a personal understanding of the world of each student. Testimonials

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