AMA Style Essay Format

-          How to create titles, headings and subheadings in AMA

-          How to format text pages properly in AMA

How to Create Titles, Headings and Subheadings in AMA

AMA headings

AMA is a unique and complex style, which requires formatting titles, headings and subheadings in a unique way.

Title and Major Section are written in bold, centered, with heading caps used for every word of the title.

FIRST LEVEL HEADING is flush left and written in bold; full caps are used for all words included in the title/ heading.

Second Level Heading is always located flush left, written in bold, and only heading caps used for every word of the heading.

The Third Level Heading is indented, and heading caps are included for every word of the heading/ subheading. This type of heading/ subheading is always merged with and runs in the paragraph for which it is used.

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How to Format Text Pages Properly in AMA

In AMA only 12- or 10-point fonts should be used. There are no specific requirements for the type of the font, or the typeface. Just make sure it is a serif type of the font, which is usually used for publications/ manuscripts.

Indent the text one-half inch and do not justify the text. For final manuscripts, block paragraph spacing is preferred. In abstracts, titles, headings/ subheadings and notes, single spacing is desired. The same applies to tables and figures, block quotes, and references (except for the main text). Do not forget to double space in between the references, after the final punctuation.

All pages are numbered. Page numbers run consecutively, beginning with the title page. You cannot change page numbering systems in the middle of the paper.

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The emphasis is always made in italics.

No footnotes are used. Testimonials

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