Chicago/Turabian Style Essay Format

How to Manage Titles, Headings and Subheadings in Chicago/Turabian style essay format

TITLE AND MAJOR SECTION are always centered and written in full caps.

First-Level Heading is centered, too, with heading caps included for every word that is part of the heading.

Second Level Heading is centered, and heading caps are used to separate it from the rest of the text.

The third level heading is indented, and sentence caps allow separating it from the rest of the text. The TITLE is usually written two inches down from the page’s top. Third level headings end up with a period and do not have to be written in complete sentences.

How to Format Pages under Chicago/Turabian

In Chicago/Turabian, only Times New Roman, 12-point font type is used. For footnotes/endnotes, most institutions require using a 10-point font. Remember to indent the text one-half inch.

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In Chicago/Turabian right justification can be used only when it does not result in large gaps between the words within the text. Check carefully for hyphenation and adjust it to meet the format requirements. A ragged right margin is used for the manuscripts sent for publication.

Double-space the text, except footnotes/ endnotes, block quotations, references and long titles; the latter should be single spaced and have a black space between the items.

Page numbers on the page where the major section of the paper begins are placed at the bottom center of each page. Page numbers may begin with the first page of the text, notes, bibliography or any other section, depending on the type of the text. On other pages, page numbers are placed in the upper right corner of the page and run consecutively.

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Emphasis is always in italics.

All footnotes begin on the page, where the text they support is located. All footnotes are separated by a separator. If it happens that the footnote runs on the following page, a separator should be used on that page. Begin each footnote on a new line, and use indenting the same way it is used in the main text. Footnotes are written single-spaced, and a blank space is to be used between the items. Testimonials

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