MLA Style Essay Format

How to format titles, headings and subheadings in MLA style of essay format


MLA formatting requires using special styles of headings and subheadings.

First-Level Headings are left-aligned, with heading caps used for every word.

Second-level headings are written in bold, indented, with heading caps used for every first word of the sentence (if the heading is more than one sentence). Second-level headings can be used as either a paragraph heading or a run-in.

The third level heading is indented and no heading caps are used. Third-level headings precede each new paragraph and begin with an indented number.

MLA Text Page Format of Essay

Be extremely careful with how you format your essay, according to MLA format. Usually, a readable 12-point font is required, for example, Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New. However, there is no clear preference for one particular style. Make sure to consult your tutor in terms of the font.

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MLA requires that all texts are indented one-half inch throughout; only block quotes are indented one inch.

Never justify your paper on the right and have all texts double spaced. Even long titles, headings and subheadings that may extend to the second line should be double-spaced.

Make sure to have page numbers on every page. Use page headers that include your last name. Both headers and page numbers are located within the margin space, double-spaced, next to the right margin, and one-half inch from the top margin. Page numbers and headers are located above the text!

In MLA it is better to use underlining rather than italics.

No footnotes should be used in MLA!! Include only endnotes and follow the style required for endnotes in MLA.

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