An Excellent Hook Sentence

An Excellent Hook Sentence

When we are looking for something to read, we decide right from the very beginning whether this article or book is worth our time. That’s why an opening line must be a great one; otherwise, the chances that a reader will continue reading are minimal.

The hook is meant to be the motivation factor that inspires people to read the entire text. Students are advised to start an academic paper of any type with a hook sentence. A hook sentence suggests what kind of questions will be raised and what the topic is. It helps significantly to intrigue the reading audience to the end.

What determines an excellent hook sentence? It must be interesting and engaging for sure. If you start a persuasive paper or argumentative one, then a hook sentence is the best option to start your writing with. But keep in mind; once you start, keep an eye to make the rest of your paper compelling. That’s might be a trouble, because students tend to forget about that significant thing. In order not to fall off the point, you need to determine thesis, supporting arguments, and your target audience. Let’s examine our essay hook closer, as we are interested in writing an excellent one, aren’t we?

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How to Pick the Best Attention Grabber Ever?

There are some steps that should be mentioned before we start talking about types of the excellent essay hook. Students need to make a decision on which hook to choose.

How Is a Good Hook Written?

  • You must be determined about the kind of a literary work you are dealing with

Narrative, descriptive, and definition essays vary from critical and argumentative essays greatly because they suggest other writing strategies. Writing narrative, descriptive, and definition essays require a description of concepts or events, whether writing critical and argumentative essays - persuasive techniques to support the argument.

  • An outline of your essay is the first thing that should be created when you start your work

It’s easier to see the structure of the work and which points should be highlighted.

  • You should know who you are writing for

You have to choose a certain way in which you’ll carry out your work bearing in mind that each generation and cohort has its own language. Just take into account who you are writing for. If your reading audience is children, write for children. But if you are writing for language professionals, then specific language shouldn’t be missed for sure. You should have your action plan and just follow it.

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  •  Understand why you are writing this essay

It goes about a proper approach according to the readers. If it is a paper for a popular magazine, then your humor and jokes are welcomed, and if it’s a conference paper, of course, you have to forget about fun and be more formal. A good hook is a one that suits perfectly your writing tone, style, and frame.

Mind to have only 1-2 hook sentences as there is a possibility of high plagiarism level and risk to make your reader lost. Testimonials

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