The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

The threat of poverty of the population is the global social danger today. Unemployment, economic and social instability, the loss of hopes, the collapse of plans are developing the process of marginalization of the population. That is why it is associated with regress in social development. There is a large stratification between the rich and the poor people in our time, which leads the poor to bitterness, dissatisfaction with their lives.

In the ordinary sense of the word, poverty is the inability of the family to satisfy basic needs for food, clothing, and housing with the help of current incomes. This definition of poverty was formulated at the end of the XIX century in England and prevailed in the first half of the XX century, both in theory and in social policy. The development of perceptions of poverty has given rise to various assessments of poverty.

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Causes of Poverty

One of the most important reasons for the existence of different estimates of the scale of poverty is the difference in approaches to its definition. There are a significant number of poverty concepts, among which three main ones can be distinguished, such as absolute, relative and subjective types.

The absolute concept of poverty is based on comparing the minimum needs to be met and the number of resources that are required to meet these needs. People are considered poor if their income is below the minimum needs assessment and vital needs are not sufficiently met. The relative concept of poverty is based on the ratio of wealth to the level of material security prevailing in a particular country.

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How to Overcome Poverty

The fight against poverty must begin with an awareness of its causes. Some people can not understand why they are poor. They think that this is the destiny. However, if you look at the life of poor people from outside, you can notice a lot of mistakes that they make. Then you can understand the pattern of poverty. The main reason is bad education or even its absence. These people simply do not know about important things and therefore do not take them into account in their decisions. In most cases, poverty is directly correlated with people's illiteracy. Conversely, the more intelligent a person is, the higher is his or her welfare. New schools and courses can significantly improve the level of education in many countries. Testimonials

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