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Writing a classification essay is not an easy task. It requires intensive analysis as writing this kind of essay entails sorting and organizing information into their appropriate categories for the purpose of further investigation. One category can contain three or more subcategories depending on the available information and the relevance of them to the subject matter. The supporting data under these subcategories rely heavily on descriptive information as the collective goal is to establish identification with similar facts and distinction from those of dissimilar kinds.

There are three elements that guide a good classification. These are: set, scheme, and class. The set is a classification of comparable elements depending on the common characteristics shared between the other components of the same set which distinguishes them simultaneously from external points. The scheme is a classification according to the shared quality, function, or purpose of the elements within a group. The class is a categorization of different traits of all the elements within a group for purposes of comparison or contrast with other classes.

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A well written classification essay achieves certain goals. One is the proper arrangement of details into constructive categories aligned with the essay’s theme. The categories must be inclusive but not too broad. The relevance of the information to used must be in accordance with the classification it falls under. Another is adhering to one organizing theory. This allows information to be consistent throughout the entire essay. The appropriate use and citation of examples can also aid in establishing the legitimacy of the claims therein.

Like other essays, its composition includes the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The Introduction is where the thesis statement is revealed and itemizes the different categories in the following paragraphs that underline the theme. The Body includes the succeeding paragraphs after the Introduction which contain the different categories organized according to the bearing of their arguments. The categories are arranged with the least important category written in the first paragraph of the body and the most important category placed in the last paragraph of the body. The Conclusion is the summary of all the facts and data presented and the restatement of the thesis statement with a concluding tone.

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The Classification essay may follow different formats, such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Languages Association), Chicago/Turabian, etc. The choice of format depends on its propriety with the subject matter. Only one format per paper is advised to be utilized to keep presentation of information uniform.

Classification essays can be used with many different topics that require analysis, organization, and logical association of details. A deep understanding of the subject matter is necessary in order to build an essay of good quality. Be cautious in selecting a topic that is not of personal interest, and, whenever in doubt, seek for professional advice and assistance. Testimonials

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