Observation Essay

Write What You See in an Observation Essay

An observation essay is a type of essay writing that discusses the writer’s personal experience and information based on his own observation.  This is one of the essay types where the writer presents a world of his own perception to the readers.  It is similar to showing the readers a photograph from his own mind and put it into writing.  Aside from his visual perception, the writer also utilizes all his other senses to deliver a more meaningful picture.  An excellent observation essay can effectively produce an imprint in the reader’s mind about the topic and making it as real as if the reader is the writer himself.

When writing an observation essay, your skill as a keen observer will play a very vital role.  You must capture every detail and scrutinize it.  Bear in mind that every detail of the subject you want to discuss will be as important as the big ones.  Knowing these details will become more valuable if you as a writer know how to fit them in the bigger picture.  When you fail to do this you will just come up with a jumbled puzzle that will create a confusing picture.

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Following a structure when writing an observation essay is not a must since you are not presenting a discussion of your ideas. This is a type of essay where your senses are what you use rather than your intellectual reasoning.  Since no structure is specified you can still do well by doing the following suggestions:

    • Use present tense when you write the paper to put the readers in an ambiance where they can feel themselves as part of the essay.
    • Catching as much detail as possible and including them in your writing will create a more vivid picture in the mind of the readers.
    • Never fail to utilize your sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of hearing and sense of taste.  In this way the readers can capture the essence of the moment.
    • The ability and of the author to make superior resemblance and comparisons of the observed experience is crucial for an observation essay.

Observation essays follow the same format as any other forms of written essays.  These essays can be formatted in MLA, Chicago or Turabian, APA and AMA formats.  It must also include Title, paragraphs Text pages, headings, Justifications, Fonts, Indents, Page numbers, Spacing, Footnotes, Emphasis, and reference list especially if the theme and submission guidelines require them.  Any topic is possible for this type of essay but it would be advisable to choose one where you can apply all your senses.  Be careful in choosing the topic as well since you have to be knowledgeable and familiar about it.  Remember that your knowledge in addition to your observation skills will let you accomplish a very good essay.  If ever you become confuse as to how to start your essay writing or even if you already started but got confused along the way, getting help from online resources will surely resolve your issue.

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