Exploratory Essay

Exploratory Essay: Your Door to Discovery
There are numerous types of essay writing. Most of them we use for intellectual and academic purposes. Others to discuss our views or support our opinions. Among all these types is a unique form of essay writing which is the explanatory essay. It is unique in a sense that in most essay forms the writer already has a sense of his own conclusion where the essay will strengthen it and make readers accept that idea. However in explanatory essays, one writes it without having any definite position or attitude to the subject. Instead of choosing a stand on a particular issue, in this form of writing the writer explores the topic without any prejudice. As the writer progresses further about the topic he will at the same time learn more about it. The aim in writing this is not about showcasing the writer’s knowledge but rather his ability to learn when he explores his topic.

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Since this type of essay is written not based on the writers view, it is significant that if you write it you gather all the facts and details. It should have a “without end” concept to encourage more exploration about the topic. You also have to pay special attention to just presenting the facts only and stay away from the method of induction and avoid arguing a point or lean in any direction. This is not about getting the readers to agree with you but rather guide them in the process of learning.

Writing this essay does not require any adherence to specific writing structures. This is due to the fact that to begin with, there is no thesis question to answer and that the answer itself is found throughout the essay. The exploratory essay includes all the possible questions that are in the writer’s mind as well as the readers. Focus on answering the questions and be consistent in exploring the different aspects without switching the mode of your writing. Look at all the angles and not just look at the topic in one perspective. As far as formatting goes, you can use MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA and AMA. You can choose any of them but it will be wise to pick a format base on your topic or the requirements of your paper work.

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It is challenging to write this type of essay. Since it is unique and unlike any other essays that you tend to write, you have to pay special attention when you are doing it. You can choose any topic you like for this paper but it would be more effective to select a topic that you are not yet familiar with. The reason is that your exploration will be more genuine. Also if you pick a topic that you are familiar with, you can easily argue a point or be subjective because you already formed an opinion about it prior to you writing the essay. Bear in mind that even if it is challenging to write this, it can be exciting as well because you and your readers can explore together and discovers something new. For any help about doing an exploratory essay properly, you can go online to look for writing services that are always there, willing to help you.

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