Cause and effect essay

The cause and effect essay is a challenging composition for a writer. It tests one’s ability to make connections between the reasons and the consequences. The focus of this essay is to discuss the relationship between the causes and the effects of events. The events will be analyzed according to the causes and the effects. The writer will then have to give a detailed explanation regarding the causes and the effects cited.

When you are writing a cause and effect essay, it is important to think about the domino effect. In everything that happens, there is always an equal reaction or result. The causes create a chain of effects that add up into a situation that leads to another cause and effect phenomena. Therefore, the cause and effect relationship is actually an ongoing cycle. However, it should be noted that in every situation, there could be more than one possible cause and effect. The challenge of the writer is to analyze a situation and identify various causes and effects and to prove their relationship with one another. In order to do this, the writer should have thorough knowledge of the topic through research. The analysis can be made only if the writer is keen on details.

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Structure in writing cause and effect essay
First, the writer can opt to focus on one effect having a number of causes. In this case, the thesis statement should mention the three causes and their general effect. For instance, the writer can identify child violence to be caused by factors such as irresponsible parents, abuse of parents and immaturity of the parents. Each cause should be discussed and should be given supporting details.
Second, the writer can opt to discuss one cause having a number of effects. The thesis statement should generally mention the main factor that leads to various effects. For instance, the writer can discuss that watching mature films with violence results in various effects to a child’s state of psychological and physiological well being. Each effect should be discussed thoroughly with supporting details.

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Third, the writer can opt to discuss the essay likened to a domino effect. The thesis statement should then include the first part of the chain and the last part of the chain. For instance, thinking about video games leads to poor results in class. The first domino could be thinking about video games leads to staying up late playing. The second domino could mention that because of playing, the homework assigned was forgotten. The third domino is the forgotten homework leads to failure to submit homework in class. The last domino is the failure to submit homework leading to poor marks in class.
The cause and effect essay can be confusing for those who are not used to writing one. This type of essay can be of various topics. To help you write your cause and effect essay, you can contact us and we will assist you the best way we can. You can check out some samples of custom cause and effect essays for free. Testimonials

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