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As indicated, the aim of an essay guide is to equip you with knowledge on essay writing. However, it is important to use an appropriate essay guide because an unsuitable one can set your essay structure askew. Some guides may be too generic for your purpose, bear little relevance to essay writing or may contain information you are already familiar with. In this essay guide, we propose to show you, step by step, how to write your own excellent essays. Students face various difficulties such as deciding on their subject matter or how to devise a structure. This easy-to-follow list is a widely accepted essay guide that can be adopted without difficulty.

• An essay should begin with that most essential of paragraphs - an introduction. This paragraph will determine, at little more than a glimpse, whether the reader is interested in reading the document through. If the intended message is fuzzy they will abandon it. An introductory thesis statement should clearly state the essay’s purpose.
• The essay’s body text should follow the introduction. Create the content as though a picture. Develop the picture, build in your assertions and relate them to your thesis statement. Your assertions should each be backed by your process of reasoning and any available evidence.
• It may sound obvious, but your essay should end with a conclusion. Ensure that its content links back to your thesis statement and does not wander into new, unrelated material. The proof of successful essay writing is that your readers are convinced and agree with your theory.
• Popular opinion suggests brainstorming as an effective way to devise a structure. In considering the purpose of the essay, take account of related themes. This should provide the basis for your next topic level – the subtopic.

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• The Internet is superb for identifying relevant subtopics. Searching under your general topic heading should produce related sites and guidelines. Study the information. Note the URLs of useful websites. You should soon find that your general topics are narrowed down to specific subtopics.
• Avoid using long, complex sentences. Use short, simple sentences. If your language style is complex, you may need to explain its meaning.
• Use formatting tools – headings, subheadings, numbered lists and bullet points
• Provide relevant information; fine-tune general information to specific elements as your assertions develop.

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