Essay Question

The purpose of an essay is to address and answer the central essay question. Make this your objective when working on any essay type.
A concrete answer to the essay question needs to be substantiated with credible facts and evidence. The thesis statement, in the introduction, is the foundation from which the essay’s supporting material is developed. It is essential to keep to the main point throughout the entire essay writing process.
Step 1 – Understand what the Essay Question means:
Study the essay question closely; understand what it requires of you. There are some recommended techniques such as highlighting key words but, whatever your method, continuously refer to the main question ensuring that you keep your answer relevant to it and on track.

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Step 2 – Make Effective Use of your Research Sources:
At intervals, as you progress, read back on relevant research material, highlighting appropriate aspects of texts. Make quick referrals to the highlighted areas to maintain your understanding of its meaning. It may help to use different colour pens when selecting aspects of your reference material.
Step 3 – Organize your Research Material:
Arrange your research material into suitable, efficient groupings; indicate their nature with paper clips, post-it-notes, etc. To save time, for ease of referral and to and avoid chaos, make sure you know where each group is and what it contains.
Step 4 – Use an Essay Plan to Guide you:
Choose an essay plan that reflects your own learning style. Examples of an essay plan might take the form of an itemized list, a graph, a spider-gram, a flowchart, etc. Your plan should be in note form and set out your discussion and show the order in which you intend to present you ideas.

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Step 5 – Your Essay Introduction:
Use a good introduction as an opportunity to inform your audience about what it is you intend to discuss and let them know what the key points of your discussion are.
Step 6 – Writing your Essay Content:
This is the body of your text where you present all your information and address the essay question directly.

The content should :
• Be relevant
• Be organized
• Provide detailed analysis of the information
• List your reference sources
It should also:
• Present your information in a descriptive, explanatory and convincing style.
• Provide information that has already been provided by other sources.
• Describe your own views on the subject.

Step 7 – Arrive at your Conclusion:
In the conclusion, you should summarize the overall content of your essay. It should be a convincing statement that re-iterates and defends your thoughts and views on the subject matter.
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