Essay Structure

The ability to correctly apply essay structure is pivotal to a student’s work. Mastering this ability provides the opportunity to earn extra points when the assignment is assessed. In this document, we provide guidelines on essay structure. From it, you should gain a basic understanding of essay structure.
The structure of a paper indicates a writer’s overview of a particular event or subject they have witnessed or experienced; the structure does not provide detailed information on the event or subject. Usually, the essay structure proposes a means of looking, subjectively or philosophically, at a subject which could take the form of a literary type of work.

Essay assignments are popular in academic circles as a means of encouraging students to use their own thought process to develop their creative and writing abilities. An essay structure is important because, as an organizational aid, it enables the writer to apply coherence to their ideas, analyze data, relate events, support a concept with evidence, arrange or categorize their research and, thereby, improve their written and verbal skills.
An essay structure has:
• A quantitative topic statement.
• Research information.
• Critical analysis, supported with theories, evidence and other analytical aids or material.
Essay structures differ from one to another, according to the assignment type. It is often the case that an assignment will require the student to undertake the study of research material, statistical analysis, examination of other model work, close analysis of similar work, demonstrate subject-related issues, a review and a presentation of the completed work.

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In the essay structure, the student’s work can be arranged in a logical way, supported with the aid of assertions, arguments, balanced opinion, evidence and a strong conclusion. Evidence is a demonstration of credible proof to verify and defend any claims put forward.
Evidence is structured to comprise three parts. These are the thesis statement, justifiable arguments and a conclusion or value judgements statement. The thesis is a statement to put forward your main theory; argument is used as a vehicle to justify and/or prove the credibility of the thesis; the conclusion is an analysis summary of all the information; value judgements are considered beliefs or opinions on the subject.

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