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In academic circles, essay prompts are an invaluable part of a student’s toolset; they are the link that keeps the student connected to his or her original thoughts on the essay topic, and they help maintain that link throughout the essay writing process. A writer can create their own essay prompts, which they can integrate into their work, to underline or emphasize relevant points.
The following are suggested guidelines for creating essay prompts. Students should examine other essay paper types to underline their overall understanding of essay writing techniques.
Simple, easy to understand prompts
While a writer might search their own personal experiences to select an essay subject, their choice of essay prompts should have a language and style that can be easily understood by a reader not conversant with the subject. In order not to limit the scale of their audience, the topic should not demand specific subject knowledge from the reader.
Prompts that encourage reader participation

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Select topics that will enthuse the readers to participate in and give feedback on the discussion. Open-ended prompts are a popular choice with writers. In developing written work, devise prompts that allow for several possibilities; expand the topic’s horizon to embrace additional ideas.
Analyzing prompts
Use your own thought process to critically evaluate the subject matter of the essay prompts. Avoid making the prompt too convoluted, high-brow or unnecessarily clever; simplicity is key to a successful prompt. The theme should allow for examination and discussion, offering a comfortable and friendly aspect to the audience. When exploring a subject, establish your own path or direction.
Because essay prompts are broad ranging by nature, they differ depending on the essay’s purpose e.g. whether they intend to influence the reader or give a narrative description. Essay samples are a good means of providing the student with ideas on different topics as they relate to the different essay types.

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A prompt should have a clear definition
Clearly defined prompts indicate well written English. With a clearly defined subject prompt, the student can more effectively establish the relationship between what is required and expected of him or her, while keeping the essay instructions in mind.
So, it is important for students to understand the requirement of each essay prompt and apply a logical thought process to produce the level of essay that is required of them. This will set the student on the right path and provoke a better result from him or her.
Avoid the inclusion of personal information

While some of the most popular subject choices involve everyday experiences, every experience is individualistic and unique. The subject choice should not require the writer to recount an experience that is is too personal in its nature. While everyday events provide popular and diverse subject matter, students should not be required to narrate events that invades their privacy or causes them discomfort.
Every essay type should be produced according to its prescribed format; students can study available essay outlines to enhance their understanding of a well structured text.
Despite the usefulness of the many essay prompts, students can benefit further by studying a selection of custom-made essays. Testimonials

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