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In every research paper there is the research paper bibliography. The research paper bibliography is a part of the academic assignment where students are required to list all the relevant resources they used at some point during their assignment. A research paper bibliography may include a short list of resources or three or more pages of resources. It depends on the amount of information the student is required to find, the minimum number of sources that need to be used, and the total length of the research paper. Often times, the minimum number of sources required to list in a research paper bibliography is around five.

To write a proficient research paper bibliography, students need to include all the relevant information of the source used for research, including the title of the publication, the name of the author or authors, the date it was published, the company that published the source, and the page numbers referenced to. A research paper bibliography many not include just books, but periodicals, magazines, journals, interviews, radio shows, reputable web sites, and much more.

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When it comes to writing a research paper bibliography, there are a variety of formats that can be used. For instance, if a student is required to format their paper according to the MLA format style, they need to include the last then first name of the author, name of the publication, the publishing company, date of publication, and a list of the pages used. Keep in mind though that based on the type of reference it is, there will be a different format. The format for a book and a journal article will have slight differences. When handing out the assignment, the professor will often announce what format the research paper bibliography needs to be written in. if they do not specify, ask them.

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It is essential to remember that when a research paper bibliography is written, it should only include those specific resources that were cited in the paper itself. Every entry in a research paper bibliography, therefore, needs to directly link to a specific part of a report where the resource was used. If you just look over a source to read about the topic but do not use any information from it, it should not be listed in the research paper bibliography. A research paper bibliography must only include materials that were utilized first hand. If a student chooses to use a university dissertation as one of their resources, they may want to copy every single reference the university dissertation referenced in the research paper bibliography. This is, in fact, wrong to do. Only include resources in the research paper bibliography that were used directly, and do not use second-hand resources listed in another source.

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The research paper bibliography is much different than footnotes. Footnotes in a research paper contain reference notes like a research paper bibliography but footnotes only reinforce or clarify a specific idea that is presented during a research paper.

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