Research Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines

When it comes to writing successful research papers, students need to follow specific research paper guidelines. There are a number of different types of research paper guidelines. Most of the time, the professor assigning the paper will provide the research paper guidelines. There are also research paper guidelines students may locate on their own accord. Research paper guidelines are often developed based on the best practices of research paper writing. Research paper guidelines also assist students in formatting their research papers in the proper manner.

Research paper guidelines offer basic direction on how students need to develop, produce, and present a research report. The research paper guidelines will influence the overall development of the research paper. The research paper guidelines assist students during the entire research paper researching and writing process. Research paper guidelines, for example, might advise the students on how to completely research a topic before creating the initial outline of the research paper.

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Some of the simple research paper guidelines may include researching before starting to write the actual assignment, creating a comprehensive outline before starting to write the research paper first draft, editing the research paper before handing it into the professor for a grade, writing a clear thesis statement supported by research written in the paper, and maintaining constant focus on the assigned topic while writing the research paper.

Research paper guidelines provided by the professor will most likely also have guidelines regarding how to format the research paper. APA and MLA are the two most basic forms of formatting associated with a majority of research papers. The formatting styles ensure students write research papers that are visually similar.

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APA and MLA formats have some similar research paper guidelines, including:

• Using a size 12 font
• Using Times New Roman as the font style
• Double spacing the research paper
• One inch margins around each page of the research paper
• There needs to be page numbers along the top right of every page
• A cover page needs to be included in the paper that includes the title of the research paper, the course it was assigned in, the name of the student who wrote the paper, the name of the professor that assigned the paper and the date the paper is due.

Sometimes a student may not understand all the research paper guidelines. If this is the case, they should go to their professor for additional assistance and/or an on campus writing center. Sometimes professors will allow students to give them a rough draft to look over for the professor to critique and tell them what is good, what is bad, and how to make the paper an A paper.

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