Research Paper Template

Research Paper Template – It’s Always Useful to Have a Plan.
A research paper template resembles the framework of a thesis paper for it is the base that provides the overall essay with structure. When writing an essay, having a research paper template as a guide will help you develop an effective document without having to worry unduly about its format or shape. It helps the writer to arrange and focus their thought process in a logical way. The template can be likened to a research paper outline in that it paves the way for discussion. The writer will be able to see more clearly what aspects to emphasize and what aspects to leave aside until later. In theory, it outlines the discussion areas. It minimizes the chance of omitting important sections. And, thereby, it enhances the skills of the author by improving the quality of the writing and by adding momentum to the pace at which the work develops.

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In this document, we will explore how a research paper template, would support a compare and contrast exercise. The purpose of a compare and contrast exercise is to examine the likenesses and differences (or, indeed, both) between two subjects. The chosen subjects should bear a relationship to one another. For example, two selected topics could compare two members of one family, two course instructors or two holiday experiences. But an unrealistic set of topics would be two items that bear no relationship such as chalk and cheese.

So, how would a research paper template for this compare and contrast essay look:
1. It would have a research paper title.
2. It would have an Introduction to familiarize the reader with the subjects being compared and contrasted – let’s call them subject X and subject Y. And it should have a thesis statement to demonstrate the key points of the exercise.
3. The body text will consist of individual topic paragraphs or sections. Examples of section content might be:
In section 1, describe the first likeness between subject X and subject Y, supported by proof, references and/or citations.
In section 2, move to the next likeness between the subjects, again supported by credible evidence.
In section 3, describe the third likeness between the subjects, supported as before.
In section 4, describe the first difference between subjects X and Y, supported by proof, references and/or citations.
In section 5, describe the next difference between the two subjects, supported by credible evidence as before.
In section 6, continue by describing the third difference between the subjects, again supported as before.

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4. In the Conclusion section, reiterate your thesis statement. Summarize the key points, in different language and add a closing statement or set of opinions to underline your beliefs on the subject.
Therefore, can you see why having a research paper template as a guide can be helpful while developing a real research paper. But, if the student feels overwhelmed by the task of developing their own research paper, they can always enlist the assistance of for an expert writing service. Testimonials

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