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A student will often be given a list of essay subjects from which he or she must select a topic relevant to their particular course of study. Once the selection has been made, the student will need to devise an effective structure for their work and consider what it is that they will write. Usually, essay topics vary from generalized to specialized subject matter and pertain to the field of study. A usual pattern is for the instructor to assign an identical topic to all students or, alternatively, instruct them to base their work on a subtopic related to the main topic.
But, it is common enough for students to be able to select their own essay subject. Having such freedom of choice, the student can focus on a topic that is meaningful to them. This freedom also gives them control over factors such as levels of complexity, specialization, etc. To provide an example, the student could select the overall subject of sport or they could focus on a specific sport (if they had a keen interest in a particular one).

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When a student has selected their topic, it is common practice for a course instructor to review the student’s choice to ensure its relevance and/or suitability to the course and approve or disapprove it accordingly. When an instructor offers freedom of subject choice, they may additionally apply an objective to the assignment; the students own choice will be approved only if it meets the stated objective. So, if the essay objective is to show how parties to a dispute resolve their difference, the student might choose a topic centred on marital strife, workplace disputes, civil and world wars or international conflict.

While choosing from essay subjects can pose something of a conundrum to the student, he or she should be aware that there are numerous resources available to assist them. The Internet is a popular student choice for identifying suitable essay subjects or they may browse through previous academic work on particular topics. They might also want to look at to see what essay subjects the results suggest.

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Essay topics and essay theses bear likeness to each other. While an essay topic provides a generalized overview of the paper, essay theses are very specific statements which need to be proved with credible evidence. An essay’s thesis statement should bear a direct relationship to the essay’s topic and can only be written when the student clearly understands what the allocated topic is. Testimonials

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