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In any academic course, you may be asked to write different essay types. There is no just “one type of essay,” but in fact there are a variety of essay types that your teacher or professor may call on you to compose. When given an essay topic, it is not always clear the type of essay you will have to write. If this is the situation, you need to ask the teacher or professor about the specific essay type and how to go about using this essay type to write on the given essay topic. Understanding how to effectively write an outline for an essay is very critical. There are certain scenarios in which a student will only understand what essay type to write after an essay outline has been completely formulated and an essay plan has been determined. There are a number of essay types and this article will go over some of the different essay types available.

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Sometimes students are assigned essays that require them to go about comparing and contrasting certain things. Sometimes, the essay question provided does not make it ultimately clear that you need to write a compare and contrast essay. When tasked with a compare and contrast essay, you will have to showcase all the differences and similarities associated with the subject.

Sometimes, the essay type is a controversial essay. This type of essay is quite common when tasked with writing about issues associated with a current debate within society and/or on the media. Some popular issues of controversy may include capital punishment, sexual orientation, and abortion rights. Topics like this, and others, will require the student to raise a specific issue associated with the argument, provide evidence that supports the point raised (your position on the controversy), and how the point you are supporting is the best possible choice of sides in the controversy.

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Some essays are persuasive essays. A persuasive essay requires serious researching and writing. This is because the student needs to use their powers of persuasion to make the reader agree with a certain point. Persuasion is the most valuable tool for writing. The student needs to convince the reader to take the exact same position. When writing this type of essay, the student must demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the essay topic. It is good to remember that a persuasive essay is not strong in convincing others if the writer does not show a comprehensive understanding of the essay topic.

Some essay topics require an evaluation essay. In an evaluation essay, a student is required to understand a topic fully and then make an appraisal of the topic and what it is about. Keep in mind that the appraisal much be genuine.

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Sometimes, students are asked to write about generalities. With this essay type, students are required to showcase what they generally know about a specific subject. This is not a commonly used essay type but sometimes teachers and professors use it to test the writing and researching capabilities of their students.

Classification essays are a popular essay type. In classification essays, students are required to break down a certain issue in a way that makes it simple to classify. Students need to spend time on each of the separate pieces so the reader can fully understand and are able to fit the pieces together to understand the entire topic.

As mentioned previously, it may be hard to infer essay types just by the essay topic given. However, it is important to be well verse in different essay types so you can write in just about any fashion.

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