What is the Student Assistance Foundation?

The Student Assistance Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to assist students who are facing financial hardship to get an education.
In addition to providing financial help, the foundation may also provide counselling, training and may advise on getting loans or scholarships.
They run outreach programs too in order to help as many disadvantaged students as possible.

This foundation is based in Helena, Montana.
It currently employs in excess of 250 people and has been operational since 2000.
Since it began the foundation has helped students from Montana with over $10 million worth of funding.

This foundation offers many different loans to students from consolidation loan, Stafford loans, plus and graduate plus as well as private loans.
Consolidation loans are intended for both graduate and undergraduate students.
As the word ‘consolidation' signifies, many loans are consolidated into one single loan.
This means that the student only makes one monthly payment rather than several.
The Stafford and private loans are non-collateral government guaranteed loans.
Students have the advantage of flexible repayment plans at low rates of interest.
‘Plus' loans are for the parents or guardians of students who are responsible for their child's higher education expenses.
‘Graduate Plus' loans are also for parents whose graduate children are still financially dependent.
Private education loans are to assist students with other expenses related to their course of study.

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The Student Assistance Foundation arranges a variety of community functions in order to raise money to support its various financial programs.
It aims to secure the best facilities for Montana students and hopes to offer services that students need to get through higher education.
The foundation also tries to offer extra activities to students in order that they may get the best from their academic career.
The foundation produces a newsletter to keep students informed about what they can offer.
It regularly canvasses students for their opinion on how well the foundation is doing.

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