Narrative Essay on Life Goals

Narrative Essay on Life Goals

What do life goals mean? They are considered to be something that people constantly set for themselves and persevere in achieving. These goals might also be something that you are eager to achieve in the sphere of your career. In particular, this might be climbing the career ladder, so that you get a well-paid and fulfilling job that brings you pleasure. Apart from that, life goals for some people are personal, such as to buy a house, get married, and have a family. One more type of goal refers to the academic life: gaining a college or a Master’s degree. However, life goals depend on each and every individual: for one person family might not be that important as the career.

It has been debated whether people ought to set themselves different goals at all. Some people would state that the process of achieving a goal makes a good impact itself on them because it makes them continue working towards that process. Nevertheless, an individual might not reach his goal. How would he feel then? Probably it will make him let him down, in spite of a few other achievements. As a matter of fact, here arises the question regarding the necessity of life goals and whether they have a positive or negative impact on a person.

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To begin with, one of the problems concerning life goals is when people set unrealistic ones. As a result, it provokes a feeling of failure and depression. What is more, self-esteem issues might also appear. Thus, overcoming this requires an individual to be realistic and set obtainable goals. There is no doubt that dreaming big is good, yet it inevitable to consider whether the goal is possible or not.

Goals mean something different in comparison with pipe dreams. This is exactly what many people forget. If you chase pipe dreams, concentrate on what is unrealistic, in the long run, you feel unfulfilled and disappointed.

It is important to mention that life goals help you to see clearly the person you can become in the future. Once it was said by Bill Copeland that if you do not have life goals, you are simply spending your life in vain, running around, not achieving something significant for yourself. In fact, you might be busy doing various irrelevant things, but not making an attempt to achieve something as well as build the future in an interesting for you way. To tell you the truth, setting goals for yourself will indubitably help you to channel your time together with your energy only on the essential things that will undoubtedly make your life more conscious. In addition, this will allow you to live your life to the full.

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Frankly speaking, life goals that are unrealistic pose a serious problem. Those people who set obtainable life goals sooner or later begin to realize that this is really beneficial and helps them to set the future the way they want to see it. The impossible goals require more time and skill as you have. Consequently, they can make you feel worthless. For avoiding this, people must get to know the difference. Testimonials

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