Scientists Going too Far

Scientists Going too Far

Modern science amazes with its discoveries. Every day you can see scientific achievements all around: up-to-date gadgets that cope with many functions and make your life much easier; smartphones or computers, which help us to communicate with people around the world, forward messages and files; home appliances, which help to save a lot of time that is very important for a modern person. It seems that the aim of science is to make a people’s life comfortable and help them in everything.

At first glance, science and scientists do not intend anything bad. However, actually, science has already gone too far and apart from existing, household and useful inventions, there are some discoveries that can destroy humanity.

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Inventions That Can Destroy Human Race

Biological Hazard

Biological weapon, cloning and artificial intelligence are the most dangerous scientific achievements. If it were not for science and biological experiments capable of killing, wars would not be so cruel. Biological weapon can hit huge areas and destroy big cities. Unlike conventional weapons, it seems more effective, but consequences after its application are horrible. This deadly weapon strikes everything on its way having no mercy even for small children and animals. In this case, science is disastrous.

Cloning Issues

Cloning is the creation of a human or an animal counterpart on the basis of DNA, but not on the basis of the DNA of two parents and the natural conception of a child, but rather with the help of scientific technologies. This is very scary, because in this way, man seems to play the role of God. But a person does not have the right to fulfill the functions of God, as it can lead to terrible effects – people can only cognize God, but they can never replace Him. This can be treated as a challenge not only against the supreme forces but also against the whole nature. Only nature has the right to choose which individuals to create. The natural process of individuals' struggle for survival can be disrupted.

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Artificall Inteligents Concerns

And the third, very important point is the artificial intelligence. Today you can find it everywhere – it's in your computers and modern appliances. This, of course, greatly simplifies a person's life. However, on the other hand, science can go too far and soon the artificial mind will begin to dominate the human and the robots will destroy people. After all, people are so sensitive to different influences, they can get tired, and they are affected by different emotions, while the robots are much more enduring and have no emotions at all. Thus, a person can create a machine that will destroy him/her.

Summing up everything, it should be said that science, for sure, is necessary for the mankind, and without science, people could not evolve. Scientists are people who work hard and thus deserve respect, but on the other hand, some scientists need to think about what they are creating, because all the human beings, including them, live on the same planet and all the negative consequences of scientific inventions will necessarily affect every person and this can happen not in the distant future, but tomorrow, no matter how terrible it may sound. Testimonials

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