5 Things That Will Help Your Kid to Write a Good Essay

5 Things That Will Help Your Kid to Write a Good Essay

Each day school is getting more and more advanced, so you need to realise that your teens should be flexible to go all the way through. Today, high schools are going from tests with one single answer to whole articles or essays as answers. The reason for this is easy access to the internet. One simple request in Google and boom, there you go.
Education is trying to involve kids in expressing their own thoughts and composing complete answers to questions. So, below you can find 5 significant tips to increase your kids’ essay marks.

1. Each Essay Should Comply with an Appropriate Structure

It’s impossible and irritating to read a full page of text, so essays should be structured into some general blocks:

  • Introduction: announce what you’re going to tell them. Clarity is a must.
  • Body Paragraphs: tell them. Commonly, essays at high school will have 3-5 paragraphs with an individual point and structure each (go to tip #2)
  • Conclusion: sum up with what you told them.

2. Body Paragraphs’ Structure

Remember SEXI

S — Statement: state the main point of a paragraph. What exactly is being discussed and what does it mean to the purpose of writing? How did the events influence further deeds? That’s what you’re going to discuss.
E — Explanation: explain what you just said. Prove that your point is true and give your reasons. Answer any possible “why” questions. This is the bulk of your paragraph.
X— eXample: give examples. A good quote, evidence, fact or your personal experience might work here.
I — Importance: why is your point important? What does it mean to the film, event or story? Notify your reader why it matters.

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3. Essays Require a Blueprint

You won’t go to an unfamiliar city without a map, right? The same is with essays. Save your teen’s time just by advising him/her to make a plan. The essays’ outline gives it an approximate structure, which is extremely helpful. So, the next time your kid is going to write an essay, he/she should put down all the key points that are to fill his/her ‘SEXI’ for every paragraph.

4. Edit and Revise

This one depends on a situation:

  • If your kid doesn’t have any deadlines, a good idea would be to leave an essay. After a while, you will notice some extra mistakes you have not noticed before. That’s the point.
  • Check whether SEXI is followed in each paragraph. Logical order is also very important in essays. Read it out loud and check how it sounds.
  • If there is a deadline, for instance, an exam. It’s important to proofread the whole essay. Even a couple of minutes of proofreading can turn B- to an A+. So, don’t neglect the possibility to do this.

5. Practice

Practice in writing essays is a good possibility, which is ignored by most of the students. Make it a part of your kid's exam preparation and observe their progress.

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