Outstanding Guideline for Writing College Admission Essays

Outstanding Guideline for Writing College Admission Essays

You are aware of many tips that help to create effective college admission essays. These pieces of advice usually come from different sources and often repeat. In addition, it is hard to remember all of them when it comes to writing a personal statement. This guideline was elaborated for students who are struggling with admission essay writing. It includes all the most important tips that freshmen should always bear in mind.

The Most Effective Essay Writing Tips

Start Early

Make the essay writing process less stressful by allowing yourself enough time for preparation and revisions.

Be Yourself

Think about your preferences, interests and hobbies, and describe them in writing. It is a big mistake to write about something that you think is interesting for others, not you. Such essay is not only hard to write, it is also tiresome to read.

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Make Your Essay Authentic

Do not even try to plagiarize your admission essay. The admission committee has a great experience of checking students’ essays, so if you repeat someone else’s ideas, it may cost you a lot.

Take a Risk

It is important to make your personal essay stand out of the rest. Do not write common essays that can hardly attract attention of the readers. How can you avoid that? Ask college students about their admission essay topics and never write the same.

Keep in Focus

If you try to fill in all your academic results and accomplishments in 2 pages paper, your personal statement will resemble a grocery list. So, choose a topic that tells about your personality in the catchiest manner and stick to it throughout the essay.

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Write and Rewrite

Do not expect to come up with a perfect admission essay on your first try. Start with a draft where you note everything that comes to your mind. Give your brain some rest and return to writing with fresh ideas. Improve your essay every time you are inspired to write until you get the most outstanding variant.

Get a Second Opinion

When you feel that you have done everything possible to make your essay perfect, ask someone to read it through and provide comments. Although criticism may be hard to accept, another opinion will help you to improve your writing.


Do not rush to send your essay at this point. Proofread it carefully before the submission looking for insignificant errors and typos that you have not noticed yet. You may also use spelling and grammar checkers on your computer.

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We hope that this guideline will help you to create a perfect essay and start your college career. Keep these tips at hand and impress the admission officers with the effective and creative personal statement.

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