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A definition essay, as you might conclude from the title, is one which defines a variety of concepts, terminologies and ideologies.
It could be that you define certain terms in what is a universal but abstract concept with terminology that varies.

For instance, most of us may define a rock or a tree in a comparable manner but each of us would probably define love or cruelty, hatred or tenderness in differing ways.

Topic: Define the meaning of ‘alternative energy'

Introductory paragraph: Discuss what is ‘alternative energy'?
What's positive about it as a resource?
Why is it considered vital to use ‘alternative energy'?
How many different sorts of alternative energy exist?
How can these differing forms be defined as ‘energy'?
REMEMBER: Think about the differing sources.
This will also be the thesis for your paper.
For example: ‘Alternative energy may be defined as energy that can be categorized as a, b or c.

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Main-body Paragraphs: The number of paragraphs required will vary depending upon the depth of the paper.
Each paragraph should talk about only one form of alternative energy then explain the principles of it as well as the advantages and disadvantages which you should validate with examples.

Concluding: Go over the main points of your essay and re-emphasize the definition of alternative energy.

Topic: Define what is meant by the term, ‘romantic love'.

Introductory paragraph: What is ‘love'?
What then is ‘romantic love'?
What's the difference between them?
What then isn't romantic love?

Main-body paragraphs: Discuss each definition using examples.
These examples may be personal, humorous or adventurous.
Your examples should emphasize the concept of romantic love that you'll state in your thesis statement.
You can find tips on how to write a thesis statement using these links.

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Concluding: Go over the main points that you discussed in the main-body paragraphs.
Call attention to your thesis.

You can find online essays which you may use as samples, or you can look for essay writing help using these links.

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