The Greenhouse Effect and Its Consequences

The Greenhouse Effect and Its Consequences

Human activity on earth has many “side-effects”. For example, private cars and industrial machinery release much methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and CGC trap heat – so-called greenhouse gases. They create a sort of an invisible shield in the atmosphere which can be compared to pane glass. The gases let the heat in but prevent it from being released. As a result, the heat is constantly held back. Although we cannot see this shield, we can feel its impact on our planet – drastic climate changes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc. All of them pose a serious threat to people and other living creatures.

The Causes

Water vapor, CO2, and methane are the key gases which cause the greenhouse effect. Other gases mentioned above are a result of human activity, and they contribute greatly to the creation of the heat trap. Although greenhouse effect is to some extent a natural process, people have been extremely active in altering natural processes over the course of the last 50 years. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take measures in order to prevent irreversible climate changes. First of all, we have to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Otherwise, people and other earthly creatures will have to adapt to the new climate , and no one can guarantee it will be possible.

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Possible Solutions

The problem could be solved if international cooperation was effective. One way to reduce greenhouse effect is to ban the production of chlorofluorocarbons and stop using fossil fuels. Booming industry and highly-developed transportation are the key sources of carbon dioxide pollutants. Obviously, these two processes are inevitable with fast population growth. Because the need for food and accommodation is becoming stronger, people are forced to produce more.

The Consequences

There are several scenarios of possible events provided that the temperature continues to rise. Little rain and heat can negatively impact the way crops grow near the equator. This will pose a huge challenge not only to the countries in that area but also to those who rely on imported crops. Next, the melting glaciers will cause the sea level rise up to 3 feet. Little as it may seem, this can make small islands and coast cities disappear. For example, you will no longer see the Everglades (Florida) on the map. The thing is, this area is home to many animals which will be forced to move. However, they will not be able to survive in the northern part of the state because the climate is very dry there. In addition to water level rise, high temperatures also mean a rapid spread of tropical diseases. Because people will not be able to cure them that fast, the diseases will cause deaths of thousands of people. There will be a severe lack of food, medical supplies, and workforce. On the top of that, the world will be forced into a severe economic crisis since many cities will be ruined and will have to be restored.

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The climate change and its consequences are a clear indication of heavy air pollution on which our planet is choking. Given the pace at which human activity advances, only strong international cooperation can produce a desired result and reduce greenhouse gases emission Testimonials

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