Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay

Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay

For people who do not often deal with essays, an essay is just a high school piece of writing of little importance. Who really cares about essays except teachers who assign them? However, one of the essay definitions says that is it a literary composition on a specific subject.

You may be surprised to find out that you have to deal with this kind of activity more than just in school or college. Some people perform this kind of activity throughout all their life!

Just think about a great amount of jobs, which require from you writing of office memos, various reports etc. So, essay writing should not be underestimated and requires specific skills.

How to do this stressful activity more enjoyable? Do not worry; I am here to share my experience with you!

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Where to Start?

Personally, I started in ancient Sparta. Yes, you have heard it right: in Sparta. “Nonsense”, you would say. Not at all!

Just think about the war tactic of such outstanding generals of that time Xenophon and Brasidas. They tended to use the strategy of forming a hollow square as they marched. The concept of the tactic was that the supplies and wounded soldiers were placed inside the square, while the strongest soldiers were placed in front and back lines. The rest of the troops closed the square forming left and right rows. They covered themselves with the shields and marched through the enemy territory only slightly stepping out of the square to fight back in case of an attack.

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Such strategy helped them demoralize enemies, while remaining completely impenetrable.

War Tactic as the Essay Writing Method

Let us take a closer look at the process of transforming a war tactic into an effective tool of essay writing.


Think of your essay as a square, where introduction is the one who forms it. To do it, the introductory part should know how to do it. Consequently, it has to contain main information and a short outline of how the paper (the square) will look like and what it will tell about.


The next step is to write a thesis. It needs to specify the information provided in introduction (needs to give soldiers a clear instruction on what to do).


Start every paragraph with an introductory sentence and finish it with a short conclusion sentence (the front and back lines of a square). Support your text with quotations and reliable information.

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Having provided all the information in the body of the paper, summarize it shortly, providing all the necessary facts and statements (summarize the result of your campaign).

As you can see, essay writing may not be only a boring and stressful task to do, but an interesting process of creating your own war… I mean writing tactic. Testimonials

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