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Literature essay paper is a type of academic essay that associates the reader with the science of letters (namely, literature as it originates from Latin). The Oxford Language Dictionary refers to literature as numerous works of art that come in the form of fiction or non-fiction, poetry or drama, and is one of the major elements of culture in both the East and West. Many countries have their literary works saved in oral form, which makes the study of literature more challenging but even more interesting. These oral texts may cover the genres of epic, myth and legend, folktales and ballads, and others.

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  • Adventure novels
  • Airport novels: definition and features
  • Alternative history paper
  • Aubade
  • Autobiography and its place in literature
  • Biography essay and its relation to literature
  • Children’s literature: back into the childhood
  • Clerihew
  • Comedy
  • Conspiracy fiction essays and papers
  • Crime fiction
  • Criticism in literature
  • Cyberpunk
  • Detective fiction term papers and essays
  • Diaries and journals
  • Epic essays
  • Epic fantasy
  • Erotica and literature: essays and term papers
  • Essay: what is it?
  • Fable essays
  • Fairy tale essays
  • Family saga topics and papers
  • Fantasy papers and essays
  • Fiction: definition and genres
  • Frame narrative essay
  • Frame story term paper
  • Fu literature
  • Gothic literature essays
  • Hardboiled term papers and essays
  • Hard science fiction
  • Historical romance
  • History and fiction
  • Horror essay analysis
  • In medias res
  • Inspirational fiction
  • Inspirational romance
  • Invasion literature term paper
  • Song essays
  • Legal thriller essays, courseworks and term papers
  • Limerick
  • Literature and erotic: A complex connection
  • Lovecraftian horror
  • Lyrics and lyric essays
  • Maqama
  • Memoir term paper
  • Mystery literature
  • Newgate novels
  • Non-fiction essays
  • Ode essays
  • Outdoor literature
  • Paranormal romance
  • Parody
  • Philosophical literature
  • Poetry essays
  • Political thriller
  • Prison literature: a unique style
  • Psychological novel: its role and place
  • Psychological thriller essay
  • Rayok essays and term papers
  • Regency romance
  • Religious literature term paper and essays
  • Rhapsody essays
  • Rhymed prose: a closer look
  • Romance paper
  • Saga term paper
  • Saj term paper
  • Satire term paper and essay
  • Science fiction term papers and essays
  • Scientific fantasy
  • Sensation novels
  • Slave narrative
  • Space opera essays and term papers
  • Speculative fiction
  • Sonnet paper
  • Southern Gothic literature term papers
  • Speculative poetry: what is this?
  • Spiritual autobiography papers
  • Spy fiction
  • Steampunk essays
  • Supernatural fiction papers
  • Techno-thriller
  • Term paper on travel literature
  • Weird fantasy
  • Weird menace
  • Western essay
  • Western literature term paper
  • What is constrained writing?
  • Whodunit
  • Urban fantasy Testimonials

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