Article Critique

Article Critique

What Is a Good Article Critique

A perfectly written article critique sheds light on the work of art (particularly a literary product) and provides potential readers with an opportunity to decide whether this book, article or another literary work is worth reading. If the target audience consists mostly of people who have already familiar with this work, the critic’s task is to clarify the sense he/she noticed in the product by giving an interpretation. Sometimes, the writers cannot fully realize all the aspects of their works, and in such cases, critics have to dispel the misunderstanding regarding the product. Critics’ work play a huge part in the formation of readers’ perception, as well as the creation and further progress of the reading market. That makes critics’ work highly honorable and responsible.

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Writing an Article Critique

A good critic has to avoid any prejudices. Even the famous critics are still humans, who have some intellectual flaws. Sure, it is rarely possible to get a pure understanding without any judgments, but a sedulous and experienced critic will definitely avoid the judgments based on preconceptions.

Generally, a writer has to carry out the same requirements that concern any paper written in the classical journalism articles style. A critic should adhere to maximal objectivity in his/her work and remember that the critique is just a personal opinion, not some kind of dogma.

Which Questions Critics Have to Interest in?

Before starting the writing, a critic has to formulate basic objectives of his/her article to exclude the possibility of any unwanted influence. Stick to this plan and do not change your goals while you are writing an article. This way, you will keep your point of view unbiased. Your research has to have an impact on your conclusion, but it should not bend your point of view. You have to resolve all the answers to the questions, which were formulated at the beginning of your writing.

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Basic Principles of Expertise

Here are main principles of writing a good critique article:

  • Determine the topic of your article, its target audience, and general purposes. Share your opinion, whether a writer has succeeded in addressing the audience, and prove your point of view.
  • Define the thesis of the product. Share your thoughts on whether the thesis is banal or original, clear or difficult to understand.
  • Access the author’s language and style of writing. In your opinion, is this style chosen appropriately? Does it show the way of thinking clearly? Does the writing have any troubles caused by its language?
  • Make a careful prognosis concerning the fate of this product in the future. How can this work be used best? If it is some kind of research in particular subject, can it be helpful in this subject homework assignments? If this object is a fictional book, share your opinion regarding its role in the world outlook of the potential reader. Testimonials

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