Getting Ready for the New Term

Getting Ready for the New Term

Everyone speaks about getting ready for the first year in college. And it seems that no one thinks that preparing to the second one is equally important. We know that it can be even more important for you, because most likely you want to do better during the second year than you did in the first one. Now you are older and wiser. You got the first-year college experience and you have learnt something from it. You know that you will have to manage even more coursework than you did in the first year. You are going to have more essay writing that may be harder to complete than those pieces, which you have already done. Deadlines will be stricter and examinations will be more serious. To be ready to all these things, you should consider the recommendations given below. They will help you face the issues of the second year with dignity and less stress.

    • Practice what you preach. Do not only give yourself the promises about the future. Keep them. Do not procrastinate when you have to write an essay. If you have to do it for the sake of your studies, turn down an invitation to a social gathering (there will be a lot more of them in the future). Eat fruit instead of junk food. Do sports.


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    • Read more. Reading is what can help you improve you writing skills like nothing else. You will get new ideas, learn new words and phrases, and enlarge your knowledge base. It will help you a lot when you get to writing a new essay. So be sure to read interesting books whenever you have free time.


    • Learn essay writing strategies. See what you can do to improve your writing skills. Use various approaches offered in textbooks. Make sure that your essays are concise by avoiding unneeded information. Ask your teacher when you need help with writing. Do it all in advance in order to avoid hitting deadlines.


    • Open up. Your family will always be the people you can rely on, but you also need to have close people when you are at college. Open up to the new people you meet there. Find new friends who will support you, talk to you, and help you solve your problems. And, of course, do the same for them. Keep in mind that often the friends we find in college remain in our lives forever.


  • Have the right attitude. It means that you do not only need to have an open mind, but also an open heart. Be kind to others, preserve your sense of humor, and be the best person you can be.

Following all these recommendations is not as hard as you might think at first. Remember that they will help you get new habits in communicating with people and doing what you have to do. It will surely help you in your future life. So be sure to follow our recommendations! Testimonials

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