Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

Most students start their independent life away from home living in a dormitory, where they have to manage their own budget. This makes the student life a time for hunger as there is no mom near to prepare meals. So are there any ways to survive in college and not to stay hungry? Here are some tips that will help you learn cooking healthy, quick, and cheap meals.

Getting Action

As you get to the dormitory after your classes, you probably do not have power for making anything. Most students just want to relax after a tense day full of classes. But you also want to eat. The truth is that if you have the energy for chatting on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram, you also have the strength to cook. Anyway, you have to go to the kitchen and prepare the products and recipes. If you consider cooking itself boring, grab a friend with you to have some fun.

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Fast Soups

A perfect option for a quick and cheap meal for a stent is a “fast” soup that is good for the stomach. The main ingredient of such dish is canned meat or fish, such as stew, sardines, or mackerel. To prepare a soup, you will not need much time. First, boil water. Then, add some potato, carrot, onion, and any cereal, lentil or canned beans. Generally, you are able to get everything. When the veggies are ready, add your favorite spices and the canned fish or meat. Your soup is ready.

Scrambled Eggs

This dish is the queen of students’ food. Scrambled eggs is one of the most interesting ways to prepare eggs. Take several pieces of bread make a hole there and add an egg in the middle of it, some salt and fry on both sides. You can also add chopped sausage, ham, cheese and greens to the dish. Quick and delicious.

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Pasta and Porridge

All sorts of cereals and pasta are another common option for students. You can easily “revive” the tastes of these dishes with various sauces and even with a simple piece of butter.

Option for the Laziest Students

If you are really very tired or simply too sluggish to cook, you can always go to the kitchen and steal some food from your friend. Of course, it is a joke. Go and have your lunch at the nearest caf? or diner. But keep in mind that eating in restaurants every day is too expensive, so do not overindulge. However, this option allows you to save some time and nerves as well, which is also very important. You can really eat some delicious and cheap dishes without spending much time in the kitchen. Just use your creativity to start cooking for yourself and you will find tons of simple and quick recipes that are also very affordable even for students. With time, you will also enjoy the process of cooking. Take care of yourself and provide your body with good nutrition. Testimonials

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