What Is the American Dream?

What Is the American Dream?

The American Dream is considered as a fundamental part of the American culture. Although it was of utmost importance in the first half of the 20th century, it still continues to represent the needs and aspirations of modern Americans. Therefore, it is essential to understand the concept of the American Dream.

The first constituent of the American Dream is the dream of abundance, which implies the ability of the USA to possess a large amount of material goods. Since the United States of America is a country of the producers and consumers, other nations are envious of its prosperity.

The second part of the American Dream is the democracy of goods. It grounds on the people’s abilities to purchase the products they require, regardless of their origin, race, and gender. This dream is connected with the constitutional right of equality and freedom, which should be fulfilled due to the appearance of the democracy of goods.

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Thirdly, the American Dream includes the dream of freedom of choice, which is also declared in the American Constitution. It means that all people have the right to lead an exceptional way of life. They are free to choose who to be without any restrictions.

Last but not least is the dream of novelty, represented by the constant expansion of the consumer choice. Fashions, which tend to change basing on people’s wishes, have a considerable influence on the American society. Consequently, it contributes to the modifications in the skills, demanded on the labor market. It means that people should not restrict themselves to a particular area of activity. Such a versatility assists them in having a vast range of options to choose.

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Americans believe the American Dream to have originated from the Constitution; it is obvious that the Constitution made the appearance of the Dream possible. If this document did not preserve the rights and freedoms of the American nation, the American Dream would have no opportunities to survive.

The American Dream has not lost its meaning, and, nowadays, this issue is of grave concern for the inhabitants of the USA. Despite the changes in the methods of reaching the Dream, its major principles are still the same. For instance, in the pursuit of the American dream, young people prefer going to a college rather than serving an apprenticeship.

To conclude, the American Dream represents the choice in the consumer sphere and complete freedom of choice. These are the guiding principles that Americans are willing to have in their everyday life. Undoubtedly, the American Dream does not represent only the consumer industry and its significance. At present, the American Dream symbolizes the strength and power of the USA.

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