How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

In the process of learning a language, reading and writing should be paid special attention to. These are the interrelated skills that everyone needs in the process of acquiring and mastering language skills. Focusing on either reading comprehension exercises or writing exercises is not a good way out, as these skills should be practiced regularly and in an interrelated way. You won’t learn the principles of proper writing without reading and vice versa. Therefore, make sure you take an efficient approach and help yourself develop these skills at the same time.

In this article, we will present the main tips on how to improve your reading and writing. Jot down the most important information and make sure that it will help you bring your language acquisition to the maximum effective level.

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You are deeply mistaken if you think that practicing reading comprehension improves merely the skills in reading. Actually, reading is an invaluable asset in mastering proper writing. In particular, you learn different peculiarities of writing styles, vocabulary and grammar structures, get more familiar with stylistic devices, and also learn how to organize your ideas into a logical and coherent text. Besides, when you select really interesting or informative books to read, you derive great enjoyment and get a chance of broadening your outlook.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

The initial step before sitting down to write is brainstorming the ideas. Actually, this process can be equaled to thinking aloud: you just write down the ideas and concepts that come to your mind when you hear the topic you need to write on. Brainstorming has different ways of application. First, it can be used just to create a general map of ideas. Second, it can be used to prioritize the ideas and choose 2-3 of the most significant ones that you want to use in your paper.

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When talking about brainstorming during the reading process, it can be used to help you memorize something or help you get the features and nuances of storyline development. It can as well help you forecast what can happen next in the book.

Write, Read, Write, Repeat

How to make sure that what you write makes sense? Write it, read it, rewrite (if needed), and repeat it aloud.

Fully Understand the Language

The most effective way to improve comprehension is to study a foreign language as a unified system. Keep in mind that it is really hard to separate one aspect of learning from others. It does not matter, which language you are learning right now, everything actually depends on your desire and persistency to study something new.

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As you see, while it may seem hard at first sight to find the activities that will help you practice writing and reading at the same time, it is still possible to do so. Follow these tips and you will see that the process of mastering reading and writing will become easier. The most important thing is to find time and learn systematically. Testimonials

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