Pet Peeve Essay Tips

Pet Peeve Essay Tips

Many students struggle to write their academic papers correctly, and because of different demanding academic requirements, they feel greatly discouraged. But you will be surprised if our experts tell you that a lot of students also face many difficulties when they need to write simple essays on "How do you spend your free time", "What was the best event during your summer holidays", "Who is your best friend", etc. What could be more natural than these questions? However, these questions sometimes become awkward because they ask us to write about our feelings, our private life, etc. One more thing students do not like to write about - things that annoy them. A pet peeve essay is a specific type of articles where you should tell about things that you hate. It may seem that it is a piece of cake compared to writing an academic paper.

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Choosing a Topic

It is highly essential to select the theme you like. As we have mentioned, a pet peeve essay is a very personal type of articles because you should choose something that annoys you. There could be a lot of things that we cannot stand, for example, taste, people, human behavior, animals, public transport, sounds, etc. Therefore, we have prepared some questions and tips on how to choose the proper topic for your pet peeve essay.


Try to answer these questions:

  • What is the biggest thing you hate?
  • Do you have any funny situations related to this thing?
  • How often do you face this thing?
  • Do you have any strategies or approaches to coping with it?

If you follow these questions, you may be sure that you will choose the proper topic. Although a pet peeve essay aims to describe the thing you do not like, it does not mean your article should be boring and depressing. Vice versa, it should be attractive and funny. Remember that your task is not just to tell about your bugs but also demonstrate your writing skills. Do not forget about your readers. Try to make your essay attractive, informative, and useful.

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Writing Process

If you have chosen the proper topic, it is high time you wrote your pet peeve essay. There is no universal model on how to write this type of articles. You may mention a situation when you realize that this thing or person annoys you for the first time at the beginning of your essay, or follow the strict structure of an academic paper - introduction, main body, and conclusions. It is up to you. The main thing is to make your essay readable and attractive to the audience. It should not look like a list of your complaints, vice versa; readers should find some useful tips they can use further. Furthermore, ensure that your essay causes good emotions. It is highly essential to make your readers feel better after reading your article.

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Follow these useful tips and make your essay memorable!

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